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MySQL Router Restful API

MySQL Router with InnoDB Cluster allows transparent routing access for application to backend MySQL Servers.  

Restful API (Http access) feature was added to MySQL Router since 8.0.17.

This article is written to provide a tutorial with Router Restful API.   It is tested with MySQL 8.0.29 release.

Setup& Assumptions

1. MySQL InnoDB Cluster 8.0.29 - Cluster Name as 'mycluster'

2. Linux OS with MySQL Shell 8.0.29 installed

3. Restful API User : 'myapiuser'

Router Configuration

Bootstrap is the process to create the Router configuration setup.   


$> mysqlrouter --bootstrap admin:adminPassword@node1:node1Port --directory /tmp/myrouter --account routerfriend --account-create always

The /tmp/myrouter directory is created with the configuration, keys and scripts.   

The mysqlrouter.conf is defined with the following settings.  The rest API settings with 8443 is enabled by default.





















Router Account Setup

The authentication is configured as 'backend=metadata_cache' under the mysqlrouter.conf



The table mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata.v2_router_rest_accounts defines the user(s) which is allowed to access the Restful API.

The following steps provides the details about the user creation

1. Login to MySQL Server node (Primary node) with root or administrator with User Creation privileges and  Create User Account (for example : myapiuser) - It is a dummy account and it will be removed in step 3.

mysql> CREATE USER myapiuser IDENTIFIED BY  'myapiuser';

2. Create the User Account Entry -  The password is the authentication string from mysql.user.  The following SQL is to create the user entry in router metadata table "v2_router_rest_accounts'.   User name = 'myapiuser' and Cluster Name = 'mycluster'.  You can change according to your setup.

mysql> INSERT INTO  mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata.v2_router_rest_accounts 
( cluster_id, user, authentication_method, authentication_string, description, privileges, attributes) 
SELECT cluster_id, user, 'modular_crypt_format', authentication_string, 'api user',  null, null 
FROM  mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata.clusters, mysql.user 
WHERE user='myapiuser' and cluster_name = 'mycluster';

3. The user 'myapiuser' can be dropped.

mysql> DROP USER myapiuser;

Accessing Restful API via Browser (Chrome Browser as an example)

The Restful API http port is opened as 8443.   The swagger.json can be accessed via URL : https://<MySQL Router IP>:8443/api/20190715/swagger.json

/api/20190715/ - It is the API Base Path.

It also shows the list of "Paths" where you can access thru the API base path.

To get access to the details, user/password is required to get access to.

For example, to check with Router Status - https://Router IP:8443/api/20190715/router/status

Putting in user/password as created previously in Router Account Setup can access to the status as shown :


You can try other Restful API and getting connection, metadata and routes details.



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