Sunday, July 28, 2019

MySQL 8.0.17 - New Features - Clone Plugin - some reference links

The usage of this clone plugin is so much helpful to bring new MySQL instance to live.

Usage can go with New Replica (as in MySQL Replication), or we can easily create New Node in MySQL InnoDB Cluster.  or we can provision a New MySQL Instance for Testing or Troubleshooting.  or we need the New Instance with data for snapshot query.

Many useful links have been posted in the recent week(s).   

Please check the URL with the details.   This CLONE feature is the **NEW** super star add-on to the MySQL today.

Usage :

Documentation :

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Troubleshooting MySQL InnoDB Cluster GTID Inconsistency

This tutorial is showing how manual fix of GTID inconsistency but it can be VERY RISKY to mess up the InnoDB Cluster.   It purely serves as a tutorial how to troubleshoot and identify potential issues.

MySQL InnoDB Cluster being setup on Single Machine with 3 Nodes
Node 1 : Port 3306
Node 2 : Port 3316
Node 3 : Port 3326